Bhagarathi’s cell phone found with an Indian SIM Card

Dhangadhi,marg 25 . A mobile phone has been recovered from near the site where Bhagarathi Bhatt’s body was found, she was a 17-year-old who was murdered after being raped.


Police are retrieving all the deleted messages, audio-video and call details from the mobile phone. Mukesh Kumar Singh, senior superintendent of police at the Far-Western Provincial Police Office, said that the evidence, including a mobile phone, was being sent to a forensic science laboratory for testing.


 the mobile phone used by Bhagarathi was also being sent to the Central Digital Lab for testing. He said that all the messages, audio-video and call details of the mobile phone can be retrieved from it, which will facilitate the investigation.


Bhagarathi often used an Indian SIM card, which caused some problems in the police investigation, as the moble phone had no Nepali SIM Card, the Nepali SIM card used by her was found at home that day.


According to the police officials involved in the investigation, the message, video-audio and call details of the Indian SIM card and the mobile phone were also deleted. He said that necessary steps have been taken to retrieve the details of the incident with the help of Indian police.


As it is close to the border, the Indian network has been working in the Chadepani area. That is why most of the locals use Indian SIM cards. Bhagarathi Bhatt of Dogadakedar Rural Municipality-7 of Baitadi, who went missing on Wednesday while returning from school, was found dead in the local Lovelek Community Forest on Thursday.


Police have concluded that she was killed after being raped. A police team led by SSP and DSP of CIB has been deployed at the spot for the past three days. Chief of the Far Western Provincial Police Office, Deputy Inspector General of Police Uttam Raj Subedi also visited Baitadi on Sunday.